8 ways to take better prom pics!

8 ways to take better prom pics!

Prom is right around the corner and the big question is where to take your prom photos!?!?  Well hopefully I can help with both location and tips to for taking great prom photos.

  1. Location – Go outside!  I love Seward Bluffs Forest Preserve but any local park should do the trick.  If your local to Winnebago, The Brauer is open this Saturday, April 21st for prom photos!
  2. Light – Find some shade!  Nobody likes staring into the sun or unflattering shadows on their face.  The shade will allow you to get even light on their faces.
  3. Background – Watch out for distracting objects like trash cans, poles or anything that might take away from the image.
  4. Don’t be shy – Have the couples stand close to each other.  There are lots of ways for even “just friends” couples to stand close without the awkward “we’re not dating”.  And don’t be afraid to capture the candid moments in between.
  5. Ladies – We look good at a slight angle.  Be sure to stick your chin out and down just a pinch and kick your back hip toward the background.
  6. DSLR – Don’t be afraid to use the +/- button.  If the images looks too bright or too dark, ADJUST.
  7. Don’t say cheese – Saying cheese actually produces a forced/fake smile and isn’t very flattering.  Try making them laugh instead!  A natural smile is always the best.
  8. Keep things fun!

Delavan Arboretum – Hubertz family

I had the great honor of photographing Kyle and Afton’s wedding last year.  So I was very excited to see everyone again and the Delavan Arboretum couldn’t have been prettier.

The Wagner House – Tony & Melissa

They met playing pool.  Then as time went on their friendship turned into love.   Their day was filled with so many beautiful moments.  My favorite was when Melissa’s dad surprised her with a mariachi band.

Macktown senior session – Brett

The transition from high school to college is such a fun and exciting time.  Brett I’m so excited for you and wish you the best of luck!

Travis & Jordan

Last night was a dream hanging out with these fellow soccer lovers.  I can’t wait to hang out with them on their wedding day!

I love baby snuggles!  Little Evelyn was so sweet.  Her best friend/guard dog was constantly making sure I was being nice.  It was adorable!  Soon she will be snuggling him and feeding him from her high chair.  But for now we celebrate her being small and smelling like baby shampoo.

Larry & Cheryll – St Mary’s Pecatonica

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend my New Years Eve.  Larry & Cheryll are such kind people and incredibly sweet together.  They went to high school together.  Went on to raise their families and both lost their spouses.  And after all these year found their way to each other.  I loved how they they had their children and grandchildren stand up and had a lovely gift for the grandchildren during the ceremony.  The cutest moment was when the flower girl lost her shoe.  Cheryll carried on the family tradition of having a handkerchief tied around her flowers.  After the ceremony we went to Ciminos for pizza, beer and celebration.  If you haven’t had the pizza from Ciminos in Pecatonica, you haven’t lived.  It is still to this day my favorite pizza.